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IIJEE:Volume 4, Issue 7, July 2016


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Title: The Photoconductivity and Photosensitivity of Pure and Doped Amorphous Gex Si1-x: H Thin Films
Authors: M.F.A. Alias, A.A. J.Al-Douri
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Title: Influence of the Depth base on the Electrical parameters of a Parallel Vertical Junction Silicon Solar Cell under Polychromatic illumination
Authors: Oulimata MBALLO, Boureima SEIBOU, Mamadou WADE, Marcel Sitor DIOUF, Ibrahima LY, Seni TAMBA, Grégoire SISSOKO
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Title: Protection of Transmission line using FACTS Device
Authors: Jyoti Ranjan Swain, Suryanarayan Mohanty, Sanjukta Nayak
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