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Volume 2, Issue 1 January 2014

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Experimental Combustion Analysis of Biodiesel Fuel Spray with Hot Surface Ignition
Author: AlirezaValipour
Abstract: The effect of cylinder air pressure with different injection pressure on combustion characteristics of biodiesel blended with diesel fuel in Direct Injection (DI) diesel engine with hot surface ignition was investigated. Experiments were carried out in a constant volume combustion chamber under conditions similar to the real engine condition using a single holepintle nozzle. The present study analyzed the combustion characteristics of 20% and 40% blending of Jatropha Methyl Ester (JME) with diesel as fuels in diesel engine. The combustion characteristics such as ignition delay, combustion duration and duration of injection were computed. The injection pressure range chosen was 100 to 300 bar with variation of ambient air pressure from 5 to 25 bar. The results showed that for all test fuels the reduction in ignition delay increases with the increase in injection pressure and ambient air pressure. The jatropha biodiesel (JBD) higher cetane number, facilitated shortest ignition delay when compared to the diesel fuel under all injection pressures and ambient air pressure. It was seen that, the combustion durations of JBD20 were slightly more than diesel fuel, but with the increase in the amount of biodiesel in the blend, combustion duration increased for JBD40 which may be due to increase in the amount of fuel injected but with the increase in injection pressure from 100 to 300 bar leads to reduction in combustion duration. It was clear that the injection duration of diesel fuel is higher than JBD.





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