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Volume 1, Issue 3 August 2013

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Mechanical properties of steels and alloys
Author: Naveen Pandey
Abstract: The new wear resistance criterion supported commonplace mechanical properties of steels and alloys is projected. Mistreatment this criterion it's attainable to conduct the ranking of varied steels grades on wear resistance without having of their tests on wear. Such ranking of steels are often used for numerous engineering industries and at completely different stages of technological processes at the creation of machines.
The consequences of load conditions and sort of oil square measure investigated exploitation the model
Author: Shekhar Reddy
Abstract: Power electrical device outages have a substantial economic impact on the operation of Associate in Nursing electrical network. so as to draw most power from transformers and, at an equivalent time, avoid thermal mishaps, it's essential to rigorously study its thermal behavior. moreover, Associate in Nursing correct computation of the most popular spot temperature (HST) helps in an exceedingly realistic estimation of the reliableness and remaining lifetime of the electrical device winding insulation. This paper presents steady state temperature distribution of an influence electrical device layer-type winding exploitation conjugated heat transfer analysis, so energy and Navier-Stokes equations square measure solved exploitation finite distinction methodology. Meanwhile, the consequences of load conditions and sort of oil square measure investigated exploitation the model. Oil within the electrical device is assumed nearly incompressible and oil parameters like thermal conduction, special heat, viscosity, and density vary with temperature. scrutiny the results with those obtained from finite integral rework checks the validity and accuracy of the planned methodology.
A Method based on heat treatment for enhance the external strength and hardness
Author: Md. Ashif
Abstract: While large-scale steel gate railway is subjected to large wheel pressure, its surface are going to be beneath tremendous native contacting stress. As a very important method within the railway producing method, heat treatment will enhance the external strength and hardness yet because the internal toughness. Utilizing the high gate in 3 gorges dam as engineering background, With infinite component methodology, the temperature field through termination method is simulated. With the mathematical model supported TTT curve, through programming on ANSYS code, the metallurgic structure field and hardness distributions area unit obtained. Thereby the connection between heat treatment process parameters and also the material mechanical proprieties is established. These results counsel that the redesigned heat treatment method will meet the applying necessities, and area unit valuable for guiding the improvement of railway heat treatment method.





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