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Editorial Board

Editor In Chief

Name:  Dr. Navneet Singh Sikarwar, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.

Advisor / Editorial Board Members

Name:             Dr. Walid Qassim Qwaider, Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor 
Affiliation:      Department of Management Information Systems , 
                     College of Science and Humanities in Ghat,Majmaah University, KSA, Soudi Arabia. 
Name:            Dr. Jay M. Badiyani, Ph.D.
Designation: Asst. Professor,
Affiliation:    Department of Business Administration,
                      Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar ( M. K. B. ) University, Gujarat, India    
Name:       Dr. Babaraju K. Bhatt, Ph.D.
Designation: Director - MBA
Affiliation:     Naran Lala School of Industrial Management & Computer Science, India
Name:       Dr. Ashok Prohit, Ph.D.
Designation: Director Research & Exam. Controller 
Affiliation:    Shri Venkateshwara University, Meerut, India      
Name:       Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Ph.D.
Designation: Director (Research & Development) 
Affiliation:   School of Management Sciences,Technical Campus, Lucknow, Uttar-Pradesh,India  
Name:       Dr. Snehal kumar H Mistry, Ph.D.
Designation: Professor
Affiliation:   C.K.Pithawalla Institute of Management, Surat, India    
Name:       Dr. Vijay Asdhir, Ph.D.
Designation: Professor
Affiliation:   Khalsa Institute of Management & Technology for Women, Ludhiana

Name:       Dr. Sayeeduzzafar, Ph.D.
Designation: Professor
Affiliation:   Depart. Of Management, Innocent Hearts Group of Institution of Jalandhar




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