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Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2014

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Analysis of Multi-Channel Conflict While Selling Insurance in Banks: A Perspective of Conflict Frequency
Author: Chiang Ku Fan1, Li-Tze Lee2, Ling-Yi Wu3 and Michael S. W. Du4
Abstract: Multi-channel distribution has become an increasingly important phenomenon in marketing. However, multi-channel distribution strategies offer tremendous advantages to insurers, but they also inevitably trigger off some multi-channel conflicts. Unfortunately, objective and scientific approaches to academic research are limited, especially in terms of exploring the causes of multi-channel conflict in an insurance sector and investigating the frequency of causes of channel conflict. In order to fill this research gap, this study employs Delphi study and Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) to identify and analyze the causes of multi-channel conflict while selling insurance in banks and to assess the frequency of factors that cause insurance distribution channel conflict. According to result of this study, the most important three causes triggering off multi-channel conflict in the insurance sector are “differences in perception of reality used in joint decision making”, “using coercive powers”, and “incompatibility of goals”.





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