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Volume 1, Issue 4 September 2013

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data Management
Author: Dr. J.C. Sharma
Abstract: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data Management (KM) became especial and strategic keys within the current competitive setting for all corporations. The vital role of metric linear unit as the main determinant of the success of CRM has been the concentrate of the previous researches; the current paper aimed at finding out the impact of various metric linear unit factors- like client data (CK), workers data (SK), and Market data (MK)-on CRM. The information assortment is completed through participation of 113 consultants in selected banks and thru applying Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) and correlational analysis the relationships between metric linear unit and elite elements of CRM improvement is examined. The Privatization in Asian nation has already affected the state banks in some areas like aggressiveness, customers, and reputation; thus, it might be necessary to find how to cut back this competitive gap within the banking sector. The findings of the current study indicated that the metric linear unit capabilities, that tested to be effective in additional than hr of the chosen elements, couldn't be taken as the only issues tributary to CRM improvement; this is often be} why metric linear unit factor can cause improvement in CRM sub modules like Service Management, Complain Management and Suggestion Management.
Platform for using amendment management practices in giant organizations in Persia
Author: Dr. Rakesh Sharma
Abstract:Changes are inevitable in construction comes. They might cause troubled impacts on the standard, schedule and budget of comes. Distinctive changes and anticipating their consequences will facilitate project groups mitigate these negative impacts. As a result, a amendment method model has been outlined to enhance this procedure. initially the current paper the defines a number of the key terms during this method and aims at representational process a transparent image of those definitions as they're elementary and might cause obscure assumptions. The causes and effects of amendment are represented during a precise and temporary manner. Each qualitative and quantitative methodologies were used during this analysis, which has eight open-ended and sixteen close-ended queries. The results clearly showed that there's not a amendment management procedure obtainable within the Iranian construction industry; so, the existence of such procedure is significant so as to realize the written agreement obligations of your time, price and quality. Finally, an amendment method model tailored to the necessities of Iranian industry has been outlined in some details. Many aspects of projected amendment management method for developing a proactive and rising procedure have additionally been given within the final section. This paper aims at providing a platform for using amendment management practices in giant organizations in Persia with a summary review of the obtainable studies administered within the past few years.
A mode for working capital management in short firm
Author: Punit goyal
Abstract: Working capital management is a vital a part of the short finance of a firm. With an efficient assets management, a firm will unleash capital for a lot of strategic objectives, reduce the financial prices, and improve profitableness. The current analysis studies the link of assets management on performance of corporations Listed in Tehran exchange (TSE). Average assortment amount, Inventory Turnover in days, Average Payment amount, money Conversion Cycle, and internet commercialism Cycle were used to assess assets management, and internet operational profitableness was wont to assess firms performance.





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