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Volume 1, Issue 3 August 2013

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The study of the speed of usage of the net and therefore the attendant exposures to cyber-attacks among the assorted Trade teams area unit
Author: Hemant sharma
Abstract: This study attracts attention to the ever-present and borderless nature of law-breaking. It examines the prospect of introducing bespoken cyber contract within the Nigerian market. As secondary knowledge wasn't on the market, the study conducted a survey by administering 3 sets of form to purposively chosen high executives in four Trade teams that swear heavily on web transactions for his or her operations. The study found that the speed of usage of the net and therefore the attendant exposures to cyber-attacks among the assorted Trade teams area unit quite high. Findings conjointly show that the normal policies have limitations with reference to protection against cyber risks which there's a break for promoting a specifically designed cyber contract in African country.
A Model for evaluating user’s satisfaction based on cloud computing
Author: Soniya Sharma, Poonam Sharma
Abstract: Cloud computing may be a new discussion in enterprise IT. it's already become in style in terms of distributed technology in some firms. It allows managers to setup and run the supposed businesses by avoiding excessive defrayment on computers, computer code and hiring professional employees, that proves to be price effective. Cloud computing additionally helps users purchase the IT services while not defrayment huge amounts for integration, maintenance or management of the IT infrastructure. During this paper, we've got tried to gift a model for evaluating user’s satisfaction in cloud computing. Therefore, a abstract model has been created considering attributes like (security, potency and performance, ability, and cost) to judge cloud computing users satisfaction in an online Service supplier (ISP) firms in Persia. To avoid any ambiguities that square measure caused by linguistic ways, during this analysis model we've got used Fuzzy illation System (FIS).
A model for economic condition prediction using the concept of artificial neural network
Author: Rohit Pandey
Abstract: In addition to its primary role of providing monetary protection for different industries the insurance trade additionally is a medium for fund mobilization. In spite of the cruel economic setting in Federal Republic of Nigeria, the insurance trade has been crucial to the consummation of business plans and wealth creation. However, the continuing worsening toughened by several countries, within the last decade, appears to own compact negatively on the monetary health of the trade, thereby rendering several insurance corporations inherently distressed. though there is a regulator to observe the insurance corporations so as to stop economic condition and shield the correct of shoppers this oversight perform has been created tough as a result of the regulators seemed to lack the mandatory tools that might adequately equip them to perform their oversight functions. One such essential tool could be a higher cognitive process model that gives early alarm of distressed companies. This paper constructs AN economic condition prediction model supported artificial neural network approach that may well be wont to measure the monetary capability of insurance corporations.





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