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Volume 2, Issue 5 May 2014

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Accurate fault location algorithm for Underground Cables using Adaptive Network- Based Fuzzy Inference System and Discrete Wavelet Transform
Abstract: This paper presents a fault identification, classification and fault location estimation method based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for medium voltage cable in distribution system. Different faults and locations are simulated by ATP/EMTP, and then certain selected features of the wavelet transformed signals are used as an input for a training process on the ANFIS. Then an accurate fault classifier and locator algorithm was designed, trained and tested using current samples only. The results obtained from ANFIS output were compared with the real output. From the results, it was found that the percentage error between ANFIS output and real output is less than three percent. Hence, it can be concluded that the proposed technique is able to offer high accuracy in both of the fault classification and fault location.
Benefits of Distributed Generation in an Unbalanced Three Phase Distribution Network. Analytical Comparison of Different Schemes
Author: Nikhil Jain1, Saurabh Ratra 2 and Abhishek Sanghi3
Abstract: This paper investigates a comparison of different methods (Improved Analytical, Genetic Algorithm, Heuristic, Fuzzy Logic) of optimal placement of distributed generation in distribution network. In this paper it is found that different approaches have different weights in different conditions. If an electricity consumer wants to place distributed generator than the optimal placement is different and if a bulk customer wants to place distributed generator, than place is different. It is also found that in any of the mentioned cases, optimal distributed generation allocation with the reconfiguration provides lower energy losses and proving the effectiveness of these approaches.
Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller based Switched-Mode Power Supply
Author: Rajesh Kr Ahuja1, Rajesh Kumar2
Abstract: The switch mode power supply(SMPS) has been achieved the high power density and high performance by developing the power semiconductor devices such as IGBT, BJT, MOSFET, and GTO etc. SMPS has the capacity to handle the variable loads and variable input voltage. The efficiency, weight and size of power supplies are a great area of concern for the power supply designers. This article introduces the method of intelligent regulation to control the Buck converter using the pulse width modulation switching by a fuzzy logic controller. In this paper we use the SMPS circuit having power MOSFET as a switch and fuzzy logic controller based PWM gate signals to the switch for controlling purpose. This paper describes the design of a fuzzy logic controller using output voltage of the converter as feedback for significantly improving the dynamic performance of buck dc-dc converter by using MATLAB/ SIMULINK. The SMPS output voltage remains constant irrespective of load and input voltage variations from 140V to 340V.





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