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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2014

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Spiral Model: Applications in Web based Applications
Dr. S. T. Bhosale
Abstract : The web site designing is the process of placing information in forms of text, images, pictures, photos, animation etc. of relative organization or company or firm and displaying it on internet. The web hosting is the process of publishing web site on web server so that, it will available throughout in the world. Various methods are used for designing web sites. In present paper researcher found that If web site designed by following spiral model directions then it will be more suitable, easy to maintain, flexibility, agile, cost effective.
Adaptive Routing for Vehicular Adhoc Networks with Low, Medium and Dense Traffic
M.S.Godwin Premi, Betty Martin, S.Maflin Shaby
Abstract: Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs) are highly mobile wireless networks that are designed to support vehicular safety, traffic monitoring, and other commercial applications. VANETs are used for short-range, high-speed communication among nearby vehicles, and between vehicles and roadside infrastructure units. Vehicle mobility will cause the communication links between vehicles to be broken frequently. Such link failures require a direct response from the routing protocols, leading to a potentially excessive increase in the routing overhead and degradation in network scalability. Link failure rate will differ for different traffic conditions like low, medium and dense. In this paper an adaptive routing is proposed which in turn uses both reactive and proactive protocols to continue with network communication by reducing the link failure rate. Due to the reduction of link failures the number of packets delivered is improved.
A responsive Fingerprint Matching system for a scalable functional agent
N. Nagaraju
Abstract : The Fingerprint Matching is that the most significant step of any Fingerprint primarily based authentication system. The procedural implementation of data mining approach helps to induce meaty data from the information supply. The mixing of information mining approach accustomed improve the performance of the Fingerprint Matching. Classification is that the most ordinarily used data processing approach. Fingerprint Image might classify into classes, which can more sub divided into sub categories. The motivation of this analysis paper is to check concerning the Classification Techniques over Fingerprint Image. This analysis paper discusses concerning the several of Classification primarily based data processing approaches.
AAn optimized Data Mining hypervisor for a Peerto- Peer Networks concurrent architecture
C. N. Goswami
Abstract: Data Mining may be a outstanding field in data Technology. associated with information (or Information), it merely suggests that data Discovery from information supply. the most objective of this analysis is to check data processing over peer-to-peer network. As methoding} may be a process to show raw data into meaning data, it's nice advantage over peer to see network. The Peer-to-peer networks square measure victimisation in several applications such as file sharing, e-commerce, and social networking. All of those applications need helpful information to secure and place from supply to destination. The advantage of this paper is best understanding of knowledge mining principles and dealing of peer to see network. within the future, it can be deeply analysis and develop.





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