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Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2014

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A comparative study of ANN and angstrom Prescott model in the context of solar radiation analysis
Abstract : Since the people are moving toward the Green Energy and the solar energy is the most vernacular source of green energy .so it is necessary to have knowledge about solar radiation to install solar system at their location .The four cities Ahmadabad (lat 23.07, long 72.63), Bangalore (lat 12.95 long 77.63), dehradoon (lat 30.31 long 78.03) and Kolkata (lat 22.65 long 88.45) are selected across the India to estimate the monthly average global solar radiation. The global solar radiation data were collected courtesy of NASA government site. The objective of this study is to estimate the monthly average global solar radiation using Angstrom Prescott model and to predict the solar radiation using ANN. Prediction is done by using artificial neural network fitting tool. In ANN model, four parameter namely sunshine hour, latitude, longitude and altitude were used to predict monthly average global solar radiation on a horizontal surface for the location. Perhaps in Angstrom Prescott model only sunshine duration were used estimate monthly average global solar radiation. Levenberg-Marquard algorithm was used for analysis. The results of ANN model and Angstrom Prescott model are compared on the basis of mean square error (MSE) and regression value ( R2). The MSE and R2 values for Angstrom Prescott model are - Ahmadabad (0.4225,4.3965) , Bangalore(0.0059,0.0149) ,Dehradun(0.1024,1.404) and Kolkata(0.0625,0.0498). and The MSE and R2 values for ANN model are- Ahmadabad(0.002,0.99),Bangalore(0.006,0.98),dehradun(0.01,0.90) and Kolkata(0.006,0.99). the comparison between ANN and Angstrom Prescott model have shown the vantage of the proposed ANN prediction model
A Review on use of MPI in parallel algorithms
Gurhans Singh Randhawa1, Anil Kumar2
Abstract: This paper present and literature review on parallel algorithms. Parallel computing is becoming popular day by day. It is now successfully used in many worldwide complex and time consuming applications. It operates on the principle that large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently to save time by taking advantage of nonlocal resources and overcoming memory constraints. The main aim is to form a cluster oriented parallel computing architecture for MPI based applications which demonstrates the performance gain and losses achieved through parallel processing using MPI. The main aim of this paper is to evaluate the existing research on the parallel algorithms.
Audio Segmentation for Speech Recognition Using Segment Features
Mrs. G.M.Bhandari1, Dr. R.S.Kawitkar2
Abstract : Audio feature extraction plays an essential role in automatic music classification. Feature Extraction is the core of contentbased description of audio files. With feature extraction from audio, a computer is able to recognize the content of a piece of music without the need of annotated labels such as artist, song title or genre. This is the essential basis for information retrieval tasks, such as similarity based searches (query-by-example, query-by-humming, etc.), automatic classification into categories, or automatic organization and clustering of music archives. This paper explains the need for audio feature extraction system, and also describes the most important attributes such as MFCC , ZCR , LPC , SNR , Spectrum Flux , Power Spectrum, RMS etc more than 20.
The A.C Electrical Properties of PVC/PMMA Blends
Roaaramadan1, Ekramajaj2 , Ahmad Abass Hasan3
Abstract: AC electrical conductivity and dielectric constants of PVC/PMMA Blends at different ratio, were prepared with different concentration (%PVC,75%PVC+25%PMMA,50%PVC+50%PMMA,25%PVC+75%PMMA,%PAMM) ,A.C conductivity σac(ω) found to vary as ωs in the frequency range (1KHz-10MH), the value of (s) was found to be less than unity (S<1), the dielectric constant (εr) and dielectric loss (εi) have been determined for PVC/PMMA blends . Both (εr) and (εi) decrease with the increase of the frequency, in this blends the miscibility exists, as evidenced by FTIR spectroscopy.
Clustering Web Search Engine Results for Improving Information Retrieval: A Survey
Mr. R.Keole1, Dr. P.P.Karde2, Dr.V.M.Thakare3
Abstract : Copious material is available from the World Wide Web (www) in response to any user-provided query. Large document collections, such as those delivered by Internet search engines, are difficult and time-consuming for users to read and analyze. It becomes tedious for the user to manually extract real required information from this material. Though the physical characteristics of Web information is distributed and decentralized, the WWW can be viewed as one big virtual document collection. In that regard, the fundamental questions and approaches of traditional Information Retrieval (IR) research (e.g. term weighting, query expansion) are likely to be relevant in Web document retrieval. The Web document collection, massive in size and diverse in content, context, format, purpose and quality, challenges the validity of previous research findings based on relatively small and homogeneous test collections. Keeping information organized is an important issue to make information access easier. Although the information we need is sometimes available on the Web, this information is only useful if we have the ability to find it. With this aim, it is increasingly frequent to use automatic techniques for grouping documents. In this paper paper the main focus is on web clustering, that is, grouping documents based on the similarity of their contents. In this regard, document representation plays a very important role in web page clustering and constitutes the central point of research. The need is to sort out how to “organize” information. Clustering is useful technique in the field of web mining. Document clustering has been applied to Information Retrieval (IR) for over three decades. Its introduction to Information Retrieval was based on the grounds of its potential to improve the effectiveness of Information Retrieval systems. This paper will focus on the problem of improving the performance of information retrieval from web search engine results.
Detecting A New Cells Based On Attacks Against TOR Network
B. Raju 1, A. Jesudoss2 and D. Saravanan 3
Abstract: Tor network is used to hide the communication of users. Onion router is to send data from the server to the client system. Data packet is divided into cells of equal size. Through extensive experiments on Tor network have the concept of an application and the IP layer of the cells in a cell Re-Pack is very dynamic. Because the Tor network, found that the size of the IP packets based on this research. Here attack the anonymous communication relationship among users very quickly to ensure that the calculation of a new cell-based attack against Tor network. Slightly malicious exit onion router, variety of target traffic, the number of cells, cell counter and the diversity of the target traffic of the attacker can embed a secret signal. The embedded signal is carried along with the target traffic and arrives at the entry onion router. Then the malicious make entry onion router is a partner on the basis of the cells embedded in the signal to detect and determine the relationship of a communication between users. It have been implemented this attack against Tor network and our experimental data validate its feasibility and effectiveness.
Detecting Spoofing Attacks in Wireless Network
Sudha Khusboo Surin1, Preetha Mary Ann2, D.Sarvanan3
Abstract : Due to the openness of the wireless transmission medium, it is easy to launch spoofing attack and can significantly reduce the performance of networks. Among various types of attacks, identity-based spoofing attacks are especially easy to launch and can cause significant damage to network performance. This paper proposes a mechanism for detecting and preventing these harm full attacks. This mechanism is based on physical data which include IP address, MAC address and signal strength values reported by access point to detect spoofing attack. The physical data are correlated with the physical location of a node. Assuming that the attacker and the genuine stations are separated by a distance, the physical data can differentiate them and help us to detect spoofing attack. This mechanism would require very less deployment cost since it uses physical data, a property property associated with each node and does not require any additional tools
Ranked Keyword Search Using RSE over Outsourced Cloud Data
Payal Akriti1, Ms. Preetha Mary Ann2, D.Sarvanan3
Abstract: Cloud computing enables customers to remotely store their data and applications without any burden of local hardware and software management. As cloud computing becomes predominant, easily offended information are being rapidly centralized into the cloud. For the protection of data privacy, offended information has to be encrypted before outsourcing, which makes data utilization a very challenging task. Existing work mostly focuses on secure searching using keyword and return only Boolean results that are not yet sufficient. In this paper, we define ranked searchable encryption (RSE) to solve the existing problem. RSE greatly enhances system usability by returning the matching files in ranked order. Thorough analysis represents that this proposed solution gives a strong security guarantee compared to previous SSE schemes, while correctly realizing the goal of ranked keyword search
Dynamic And Efficient Resource Management In Large Cloud
Shilpa Maitra1, Ms. Preetha Mary Ann2, Dr. Saravanan3
Abstract : Cloud computing is emerging and widely used technology in which a pool of computing resources is available to users. Resource management put challenges in large-scale systems, such as process requests from a large number of clients. We mainly focus on the dynamic resource management in large cloud environment. Distributed middleware architecture is outlined and presented. One of its key advantages is that it allows resource owners to have control over the resource allocation, Schedulers offers SLA contracts for completing a job before deadline and SLA will provide only authorized users to access the application. Resource allocation problem is formalized, such that it dynamically maximizes the cloud utility. u. Initially presents a protocol that assumes static input and produced single output.
Challenges during Software product maintenance
1Deepak Kumar, 2Parul
Abstract: A software project is delivered within estimated time only if all the phases of software development process are completed within within estimated and primarily set up time. Only in this situation we can say that the software project is successful but there is also an issue of the quality of the software i.e. software quality. To accomplish the project with fruitful success, every software development organisation uses a software quality assurance plan (SQAP). Better project planning results into the higher success rate of the software. But after delivering the software to the client, the maintenance work begins. This paper suggests some practical problems faced by software development team and relative issues of software maintenance process.
Fingerprint Authentication with Minutiae using Ridge Feature Extraction
Archana C. Lomte
Abstract: Fingerprint matching is done using many ways, for example considering ridge features. As an extension we propose to use bifurcations along with ridge patterns. The ridges along with bifurcations are considered as minutiae. These minutiae along with their position( i.e. x and y co-ordinates) and orientations are saved as features. we propose a novel matching scheme to detect the matched minutiae pairs incrementally. Following that, the maximum score is computed and used as the final matching score of two fingerprints.





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