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Volume 2, Issue 4 April 2014

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Author: Vishwajit K. Barbudhe
Abstract: Denoising of natural images is the fundamental and challenging research problem of Image processing. Fourier transform method is localized in frequency domain where the Wavelet transform method is localized in both frequency and spatial domain but both the above methods are not data adaptive .Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a higher order statistical tool for the analysis of multidimensional data with inherent data adaptiveness property. The noise is considered as Gaussian random variable and the image data is considered as non-Gaussian random variable. Specifically the Natural images are considered for research as they provide the basic knowledge for understanding and modeling of human vision system and development of computer vision systems.
Design of RS Flip-Flop using Reversible Logic gate
Author: A.Anjana
Abstract: Flip flop is storage element in a sequential logic circuit. They are the basic block of any communication, computers and other circiuts. Flip Flops stores data in the form of binary values as 0’s and 1’s. This paper deals with the implementation of the flip flop in the circuit more efficiently. The reversible logic gates are used to implement the flip flop with the reduced latency and low power consumption. The use of reversible logic gates effectively provides zero loss of information in the circuit. The reversible logic gates are used to synthesise the RS flip flop with the reduced number of gates when compared to the existing module. Reversible RS flip flop is simulated using ‘ModelSim’ and is synthesised using ‘Xilinx’.
Development of Channel Estimation methods and optimization
Author: P.Prannoy Chakravarthi1, Kala Praveen.B2
Abstract: In this study, the performance of multiple input multiple-output channel estimation methods are studied using training sequences. The popular linear least squares (LS) and minimum mean-square-error(MMSE) approaches are considered as basic channel estimators. Further, the new scaled LS (SLS) and relaxed MMSE techniques are also studied as these require less knowledge of the channel second-order statistics and/or have better performance over the conventional LS and MMSE channel estimators. The MIMO channel estimation can be further improved by directly optimizing channel states such that the cost function is minimized using Differential Evolution optimization technique.





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